Hey y’all! Welcome to my blog! I will be sharing my journeys working in the fashion industry and living life in the beautiful city of Los Angeles. I am a Midwest/southern girl from Oklahoma & Texas. I moved to LA five and a half years ago to chase my life long dream of living by the beach working in fashion. I wear many hats in the fashion industry including: stylist, buyer, blogger, personal shopper, visual merchandiser, closet & wardrobe specialist, and much more. Living in LA gives me the opportunity to explore many creative avenues that I am so excited and blessed to share with all of you! I’m a firm believer in living a positive & healthy lifestyle, as well as, setting smart goals. “If we don’t make a road map to where we want to go how will we ever get there?” I hold regular dream board & goal setting workshops that will teach you how to set goals and creatively display them on vision boards. When you visualize what you want it helps keep you motivated to bring your dreams into fruition. If you would like more information on these workshop please email me.

XO, Canda’cey


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